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We’re not Beyoncé and Shakira, but if you’re able to forgive us that and are still interested in seeing what we’ve been up to and how this project has developed over the past year, feel free to have a look at the pictures below.

Sonargon (Sonarga) site visits

A whole village welcome and meal for the foreigners Back to class Chris Marc and Shahed Kayes with the students and teachers of the Cobbler village school Cleaning the blackboard Cobbler Village school IMG_3096 IMG_3103 IMG_3660 IMG_3669 IMG_3684 IMG_3694 Life on the river Line up alphabetically by height Myadip Island School One of the current school buildings from the outside - Myadip Island Playtime River gypsy students on their school boat Smiley green eyes The dash begins The send off The students of the Cobbler village This school caters to 10 to 12 students and one teacher at a time. This school caters to 10-12 students and one teacher at a time. Village life Villages near the Sonarga community schools

These pictures were taken by us during our several visits to see Shahed Kayes and the schools of the Subornogram Foundation. We are confident that you’ll notice that there is certainly a need for some work to be done! Please also note the ever-smiling faces of the students!

All Bangladesh donations will be going to the communities and children you see in these pictures.

Solmaid site visits

A peek inside another school in the neighbourhood Another classroom Classrooms The kinds of children Solmaid is aiming to get into school Walking the streets in the community for whom the Solmaid School will help

These pictures are all taken in the slum area of Bashundhara, Dhaka, the site for the Solmaid Community School, due to be launched in July 2012.

All international donations will be going to ensure the long-term viability of the program through books and equipment, teacher training and site rental.

Scouting mission

Alternative use for a lunghi Bangladesh man-skirt BangladeshiIndian border at Benapole Boarding the ferry Chris and his admirers  wed only been there about two minutes Fourth wheelnot required Got a book mate IMG_3601 IMG_3604 IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3620 IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3630 IMG_3637 Know any jokes The view from our slow moving van in the midst of a near two-hour wait to board a ferry Two hour jams are good for some Village life

In early February, we set out along the road from Dhaka to the Indian border to get an idea of where we’d be running. It took us 17 hours by car and ferry to cover our 580 km road trip – may have been quicker running.

Running in Bangladesh

Bashundhara lake Boat Early morning runs to dodge the heat Fishing nets GPS anyone He usually runs with us in case we need to sit for a bit Hows the scenery In the villages just outside Dhaka Making mates Our training centre on the outskirts of Dhaka Outskirts of Dhaka  plenty of construction Patriot Post Singapore Marathon Dec 2011 Pre-marathon River crossing Villagers With our mate Nur  regular water stop on our long runs

We’ve been training since June 2011 for this and running, like everything else in Dhaka, is never boring! Never know what you’re going to see, who you’re going to meet or where you’re going to end up.