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Bangladesh Donations

All local (Bangladeshi) donations will go to the Shubornogram Foundation. This organisation, founded and run by Mr. Shahed Kayes, currently operates four schools for underprivileged and marginalised children. These schools though, have up to 35 students from ages 6-14 in a corrugated iron classroom at once (see photos and videos page) - all under the guidance of only one teacher.

Our aim is to raise enough money for the Shubornogram Foundation to be able to afford to expand some of these schools from one classroom to three and to provide teacher training and salaries for the foreseeable future to ensure the sustainability of these schools for the community.  Furthermore, with help from some generous university students from the U.S.A, we are hoping to build structures that will maximise light and reduce heat during Bangladesh's notoriously hot and humid monsoon period.

Based on our current quotes, it will cost 5,70,000 taka ($USD 6945) to refurbish each school including materials and labour. The new schools would be made of Garjan Wood frames to ensure the durability of the structures.

Our focus will be to build a new facility for the children of the Cobbler village first, then funding permitting, for the expansion projects for the schools at Myadip Island and the ‘floating schools’ of the river gypsies. Both Chris and Marc will be working together with Shahed Kayes to oversee the building process until the new school(s) are up and functional before the end of June 2012.

Local donations can be made at the International School of Dhaka in Bashundhara or at any of our fundraising events. Please stay tuned as we hope to establish a few additional donation points across Dhaka in the coming weeks.




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